There are various worlds available that you can travel to in order to fight endless waves of enemies. Each world is set in a different kind of environment where different waves of enemies are at home. In order to get access to a world you have to purchase access in the shop. Only the greenland world is available from start.

Your home world is the basis. This is basically your home set in a mysterious dimension.

The following worlds are currently available for access

Preview Name Description Price
world Greenland A very fruitful green world occupied by a military force Free
world Snowland A cold, freezing place inhabited by various alien monsters 500$
world Wasteland A desert-like world occupied by a military robot force 1250$
world Lavaland This very hot and infernal world is inhabited by an alien force that are building motherships 1800$
world Waterland This world is inhabited by an alien species that evolved to live under water 2000$