Pets are little companions that live in your base. When they get hungry you have to feed them. They occassionally poop as long as they are not too hungry. If they are too hungry then they get angry until you feed them again. Cleaning the poop rewards you with coins. So, be sure that your pets are always fed. Each pet has their individual favorite food and it will only eat that particular food. You can also approach them to get some love!

The following pets are currently available for purchase in the shop

Preview Name Description Food Price
pet Dog A good boi, very loyal and always loves its owner food 3500$
pet Cat A lil grumpy and seems to be always walking on the weapons of the owner right in time when he wants to clean them. Nevertheless it likes cuddles food 3500$
pet Fox This sweet kitsune is very fluffy and likes belly scratches food 3500$
pet Goat It can have a temper at times, but it likes to cuddle and jump around food 3500$