Casual Pixel Warrior is a 2D top-down wave shooter with RPG elements that is meant to be a casual game. You play as a solitude warrior who invented a portal to travel to other worlds. There you encounter various hostile enemies and you have to fight them in endless waves. A match ends when you get fragged or just return to your home base.

The game offers you to purchase items and upgrades with earned coins during gameplay. Some enemies also occassionally drop gems which you can sell in the shop to get coins in return.

You can buy various things in the shop: Access to worlds, weapons, ammo, pets, food for pets and more. You will find some of these weapons as collectible items in the worlds, but they are then only temporary for that specific match. Weapons from the shop give you a permanent ownership of them.

There are also daily quests available which you can do in order to get rewards such as coins or gems. The game also features dynamic quests which will ocassionally run as events. For instance there can be a weekend event where you have to do specific tasks in order to get great rewards!

Also you should run the game often throughout the day because it rewards you each specific amount of hours with free items.