There are various weapons available throughout the game. You are always equipped with a pistol as a default weapon. When you go on a fight to different worlds you can collect some weapons there which are temporarly available during the match. You can also purchase permanent weapons in the shop. Additionally you can purchase ammo in the shop, but keep in mind that purchased ammo is only available during the next match.

The following weapons are available

Preview Name Description Price Damage Velocity
weapon Pistol The pistol is a basic weapon that fires a single bullet shot in the direction of your view. It is not really effective, but it is free and you own it from the start. You should stick to the other available weapons, however if you ever run out of ammo you should then come back to the pistol in order to continue your current battle situation successfully. Free 25 850.0
weapon Laser Rifle The laser rifle is an effective rifle that shoots laser bullets in the direction of your view. It makes a great amount of damage and the bullets are quite fast. 500$ 45 650.0
weapon Shotgun The shotgun is a great and effective battle gun. It shots three bullets at once and therefore can deal with multiple approaching enemies. It is one of the best recommended guns in the game (currently). 1000$ 25 per shot / 75 total 850.0
weapon Flame Thrower The flame thrower will toss out some flames which move towards the direction of view for a certain amount of time and then stay still for a while until the flame extinguishes. The flame thrower is best suited for throwing flames into massive approaching waves, but is a bit difficult to control, so you need to have a good handling of it. 3500$ 10 per hit calculation, so if an enemy stays inside the damage can be huge 250.0 until reached destination, then stays still
weapon Plasma Gun The plasma gun is similar to the shotgun: It fires three laser ball bullets at once. This is especially suited for firing into massive approaching waves and deal with multiple enemies at once. 3500$ 20 per shot / 60 total 350.0
weapon Rocket Launcher The rocket launcher launches a missile per each shot which moves in the direction of the view. The missiles are comparably slow, but the damage is quite huge. 3500$ 206 250.0
weapon Grenade The grenade can be thrown at enemies and will explode upon it or after some time if there was no hit. The explosion damages nearby enemies each specific hit calculation, so the damage can be huge. Depends on pack 8 per hit calculation 450.0